for our customers transporting TVs and other fragile items

Fragile items -- such as TVs, windshields, and other similar items -- are NOT sufficiently packaged for air or ocean transport in the original store display shelf box.

These items will need to be crated to be properly packed to protect against damage during transport.

If you wish to have your shipment crated, you may:

  • request that Amerijet crate your shipment as an additional service (if available at your location), or
  • have your fragile shipment properly crated by a reputable crating company prior to tendering the shipment to your local Amerijet facility.

In addition to having your shipment crated, it is recommended you insure the cargo for your financial peace of mind.

If you choose not to crate a fragile item and tender it in its original store packaging, according to Amerijet's tariff rule 45 parts A, D, and L* your shipment will be moved at your own risk and the carrier will NOT be responsible for any damage to your shipment.

I have read and acknowledge the information above.

*Amerijet's tariff rule 45 states in parts A, D and L:

  • "Shipments must be packed so as to insure safe carriage with ordinary care and handling",
  • "Any shipment containing any property susceptible to damage by ordinary care in handling or as a result of any conditions... which may be encountered in air transportation, must be adequately protected by proper packing and any other necessary means and must be plainly marked so a to indicate the nature of the shipment", and any other necessary means and must be plainly marked so as to indicate the nature of the shipment", and
  • "It will be the Shipper's sole responsibility for any non-compliance" with these requirements "causing any damage, delay or loss of whatsoever nature of the cargo; and the Shipper agrees to indemnify the Carrier for any liability or resposibility for any such damage, delay, loss of whatsoever nature...."
Revised January 2020